Jun 242013

Jual/Sewa Apartemen Water Palace SurabayaWaterplace is a new apartment currently topped off in Surabaya. The apartment will have 6 towers (5 was completed and inhabited), 30-38 floor (depending on the towers: A, B, C, D (quadrant): 38, E: 30 and F: 35), and around 122-154 meters (depending on towers: A, B, C, D: 154m, E: 122m and F: 143m). Managed by Pakuwon.

Address : Pakuwon Indah Lontar Timur, Surabaya,
East Java 60216

Dijual Apartemen Waterpalace Surabaya

  • Apart 2 bedroom 560 m2, Furnish
  • Apart 3 Bedroom, View City, Full Furnish. Murah
  • Apart 2 Bedroom, Tower F, Full Perabot, Bagus
  • 3 BR 80 m2, Tower B, Lt. 11, Full Furnish, Istimewa

Disewakan Apartemen Waterpalace Surabaya

  • 3 BR/2 BR, Full Furnish, Seperti Hotel, bisa Harian/Bulan/Tahun
  • 2 BR, Ls 56 m2, Tower A, Full Furnish
  • 3 BR 80 m2, Tower B, Lt. 11, Full Furnish
  • Sewa Tahunan, 3 BR, Tower C, Lt.9, Full Furnish

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